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Living the Potential: Engaging the Wisdom of Our Youth to Save the World”

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The most important decisions we make in our lives surround education, career, relationships and parenting. These decisions vastly affect how we show up in the world, live our lives, and they affect our happiness, success and ultimately the level of meaning and purpose we experience in our lifetime.

There’s a powerful, essential part of you. When you tap into that place, you begin to make decisions aligned with your very core. Every one of us has core values, AND yet they’re unique to each of us. Once you know them, your sensibility becomes your compass-so you have clear direction-emanating from an authenticity, a grounded place with awareness to your own purpose and passion. And that’s a pretty powerful place to be.

I coach, facilitate and consult with entrepreneurs who are interested in building the sustainable business and leadership organizations with well being at the core. Following the philosophy that we, each, have natural gifts and talent as well as skills and expertise, the work is to help individuals integrate “who” they are to “what” they do in a way that they don’t have to sell their soul for money.

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"Working with Renee Beth Poindexter has been the most profound experience of my life. After 40 years as a successful corporate player and entrepreneur on auto-pilot (wrapped with an Ivy League and top B school education), Renee is teaching me how to uncover my “intrinsic nature” (how I’m REALLY wired), and simple, yet powerful ways to align with my core values. Renee Beth has an uncanny intuitive sensibility. This, along with tools and process, she navigates with the client, providing “sacred space” for self-discovery and expanded vision of possibilities. The world needs Renee Beth Poindexter… the path to world peace… I believe this with all my heart and soul."

~ Susan

"Renee Beth and I met over a common Vision. To bring Leaders together, from around the world, to bring up the consciousness of how we do education, health care and business. It was a vision we both had for many years prior to meeting. Renee Beth was the one to bring the vehicle for this to me. Since then she has mentored not only myself but thousands of people. She amazes me with her ability to lead and mentor with a heart of service. Renee Beth definitely is the most committed, Visionary I know. She has dedicated her life to supporting others to achieve their highest and best. I know without her leadership and guidance I would not be where I am today. Thanks to Renee Beth's perseverance, she was able to take me from a NO to a YES and to great success."

~ Angelyn

"Coaching with Renee Beth Poindexter and taking the CVI Profile awoke my understanding of my innate gifts, core values and gave me a customized life map that led to greater purpose, passion and vitality. It was almost 15 years ago that I coached with Renee and the experience attracted my ideal career, life and relationships. I never dreamed that I would have written several books, developed a multi-million dollar business doing what I love and would have trained thousands of entrepreneurs how to build their ideal careers and create a life they love. "

~ Steve

"The Core Value Index coaching I experienced with Renee Beth was very valuable. The information I received and the very thorough explanation she gave changed my point of view about myself and people around me forever. The results I got made me understand my professional choices and why other people might choose or behave differently. The appreciation about myself increased my self-esteem and self-awareness where I can better choose which core-values to apply in a certain situation and also how I can serve to the best of my abilities by being more aware where I am strong and where I need support. Seeing my son taking the test and seeing his results was a surprise but made me feel more connected to him."

~ Verena


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